01.01.2015 Energy Healing

Unseen Energies

As we celebrate the New Year, Wendy Colgrove suggests it’s time to entertain new possibilities

The New Year is synonymous with new beginnings as we leave the old behind and look to do things better and with a more positive mindset.

Now I would like to invite you to explore this positive mindset idea a little further.

A positive mindset is linked to feeling happier, and when one feels happier, things often flow more easily. Is there actually a hidden science to this or is this phenomenon just purely coincidental?

We have all heard of individuals who have struggled to improve their circumstances, often marrying another person who turns out frighteningly similar to the last, perhaps another alcoholic or a highly dependent personality, as if they just can't leave their past behind. Yet there are others who continually appear to fall on their feet.

It seems that when we really choose to grow and look at our circumstances honestly, understanding how our actions contributed to a disappointing outcome and then altering this pattern or behaviour, we set ourselves free to move onto better circumstances and attract healthier relationships.

It seems we consciously and subconsciously respond to energy and, as such, also respond to frequencies that we emit unconsciously.

We also respond to frequencies through the use of meditation music, such as composer Stephen Halpern's work, which emits peaceful frequencies between 4 to 7 herz and can put us into a relaxed theta brainwave state.

The more we reflect honestly on our behaviours, choose to change those that don't serve us and avoid conflict as much as possible, the higher our emitting frequency will be. And in turn, this will attract better circumstances.

In other words, attending personal development seminars and parroting their contents does nothing - the key is to pinpoint those behaviours that don't serve us and keep us stuck and then commit to changing them.

It is well recognised that those people who do choose to persist, despite the hardships and setbacks, manage to change their circumstances in a spectacular fashion.

Research indicates that alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 to 8 herz and, surprisingly, the resonance of the earth operates on the same frequency. Knowing this gives a new perspective to the premise that we are all connected.

Some may argue that we can't possibly emit frequencies as we can't see them, but we can say the same about radio waves which also operate on frequency.

Furthermore, we also respond to frequencies through the use of meditation music, which can put us into a relaxed theta brainwave state although we are not fully conscious of its influence.

Television transmission frequencies also place us into a susceptible state, something that one could argue is less than ideal!

Nikola Tesla, a true genius and prolific inventor who patented something like 700 inventions in his lifetime, understood the concept of frequency, beyond his wireless technologies and how to interact with it using our earth grid.

He was able to harness the earth's natural energy system known as the energy grid, which runs around the earth in the form of an invisible net. Tesla was able to tap into this earth energy grid, potentially enabling him to create free electricity for the planet.

Remarkable as it undoubtedly was, this knowledge was not entirely new. In fact, it appears that ancient Egyptians and even older civilisations chose to tap into its energy fields, having precisely placed pyramids, churches, temples and other important structures directly on these energy lines. It seems many Freemasons also used this knowledge when planning new towns and cities.

There are several different theories as to why this was done. Some say it was a way of energising the area positively or to enhance spiritual practices, others say it was a way of extending influence, while others, like Tesla, theorised that certain pyramids were placed on these energy lines to act as a form of energy generator.

Whatever the reasons, we have to concede that there is far more to natural earth energy and how it interacts with our consciousness, atmosphere and wellbeing than we fully understand. It only makes sense that as NASA, HAARP and numerous other research bodies and individuals have explored its possibilities for years, it is even more reason for us to reflect further on the matter.

In closing I would like to suggest that maybe one of our New Year's resolutions should be to take frequencies more seriously and explore how we too could benefit through the use of frequencies in our personal lives to enhance our circumstances and wellbeing.


Wendy Colgrove

Wendy Colgrove is a life and business coach