01.12.2015 Astrology

Healing the Feminine

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be a wild, powerful, unpredictably explosive month with a strong emphasis on multiple layers of fire energy. The Sun in Sagittarius is conjunct Saturn, Medusa, Lilith and Mercury, an intense and contradictory mix of raw power and contained discipline. And it's all pressurised by upwellings of dark goddess energy and the natural expressive exuberance of the Centaur. Our first major challenge, then, is how to handle this core conjunction.

Mixing Saturn with Medusa and Lilith brings traditional foes together in the one pressure cooker; think of the Inquisition versus lines of powerful medicine women who will not back down! This will activate ancient memories that will resonate with contemporary issues, between the patriarchy and feminine potency and wisdom.

Yet on another level, Saturn is a god of earthy masculine wisdom and realism, and underneath his patriarchal mask there is a form of masculine authority that is powerfully respectful of the feminine. (In Vedic astrology Saturn represents Shiva, the highest expression of refined masculine energy.) Inherent in this conjunction is the possibility of uniting the deep primal power represented by Medusa and Lilith with the well directed manifestation powers of Saturn.

We have our work cut out for us, though, as the whole conjunction squares Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, while trining Uranus and Persephone in Aries. The squares are diabolical as both energies are more intent on the purification and releasing of old pain and trauma, while blurring the lines between conscious and unconscious intentions. While Sagittarius wants to charge off into the horizon he immediately lands in a swamp!

The psychic flux provided by these energies in Pisces is intent on deconstructing rigid and masculinised inner and outer structures that resist the movement of the deep feminine, while simultaneously activating ancient forms of rage and its corresponding despair. So, on one level, we are being asked to open to vulnerability in the face of great and frightening power. On another we are being asked to suck out generations and lifetimes of distortion to the great goddesses within.

This theme of healing the anger and rage in the deep feminine is repeated all over the chart. The Moon in Leo is conjunct the Kali asteroid; Mars in Libra is exactly conjunct the Black Moon and both are opposite the incendiary Uranus and Persephone in Aries. This is indeed scary stuff and demands that we attend, often with deep spiritual and therapeutic process, to these often self destructive energies. However, understood fully, this represents an awesome opportunity to access levels of empowerment normally unavailable to most of us.

We can use the understandably misunderstood image of Kali to demonstrate. Yes, as a goddess of battle and destruction she has a fierce reputation for taking no prisoners. But if you understand her symbology, she is about the battles with the mind and ego, the demons within that threaten natural balance of the world, including our own peace and equilibrium.

Simultaneously, though, she is a goddess of liberation, of dramatic sexual and spiritual awakenings and, at her core, like her Western cousins Lilith and Medusa, she holds the deepest grace and unconditional love.

In avoiding the necessary battles with enraged and toxic places within, we rip ourselves off from accessing the very power that can allow us to be truly authentic, to live our truths and to become agents of transformation in the world.

And we're not without more obvious forms of help. As the conjunction in Sagittarius moves in the course of the month it comes into a square with the Jupiter/Hygeia conjunction that I spoke about last month. This is one of the best line-ups for healing the deepest traumas and darkest places within.

That Jupiter and Hygeia are also conjunct the North Node of the Moon, now in Virgo, offers us new visions for incorporating the medicine woman/earth goddess layers of the sign into our future. These are visions that incorporate the full use of kundalini power in healing and the power of love in all its forms, including erotic power, to awaken us spiritually.

Even though we have these series of intense conjunctions, most are connected very positively through a kite arrangement; that is, grand trines between the fire signs including the Sun and Moon, with sextiles from the Mars/Black Moon conjunction to both. If this was free of other influences and we could tap these primal forces, this would be a power month for achievement. The turning point will come around the 12th when Mars opposes Uranus exactly, a combustible aspect that can also be a huge pressure release.

Alongside these more dramatic processes, Venus has been quietly catching up with her more senior goddess of relationships, Juno, in late Libra. This is a fabulous combination of energy traditionally for relationships and is helped considerably by trines to the more elevated goddesses of spiritual union, Psyche and Parvati, in Gemini.

How we experience this very heartful combination, though, will be influenced by how healed the relationship is between the deep primal feminine and the more surface masculine in the form of Mars and Saturn. At times like this we can, and need to, unload relationship trauma that we have carried from previous generations in our family systems.

May the force be with you!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.