07.02.2018 New Age

Byron Spirit Festival

'We Are The Mandala' is the theme of this year's festival from April 20 – 22 2018

Celebrating its sixth year, Byron Spirit Festival this April will move to its namesake town leaving its previous location of Mullumbimby. This year’s theme is ‘ We Are The Mandala’, focusing on co-creation and the concept of human design and our connection to the natural world. The festival will explore how we can live in the greatest harmony with ourselves and everything else!

This year’s festival boasts a collection of the world’s most experienced yoga practitioners, international musicians and dance choreographers who will be running workshops and performing across four main programs: Yoga Program, Music & Sound Healing Program, Cultural & Healing Program and the Dance Program. 2018 also sees the addition of a number of new workshop streams to the program including Conscious Relationships, Indigenous Culture with local Arakwal Custodians and Rites of Passage. And in a Spirit Festival first, the Australian BreathFest on the Monday following the Festival in association with Breath of Bliss (TM). This will be an opportunity to dive deeply into the transformational power of breathwork.

Some of the acts you can expect to find mediating, dancing, healing and serenading the new events complex Cavanbah Centre and the luxurious surrounds of Elements Of Byron include:

Bondi Rescue Lifeguard, star of the Channel Ten hit reality TV series, and Lululemon ambassador, Deano Gladstone, who started his wellness journey as a result of a recovery mission from injury. It led him to yoga and a more rounded view of fitness and nutrition. He completed his yoga teacher training recently and is now sharing all of that knowledge at the festival.

Founder of the Byron Yoga Centre, John Ogilvie, is one of Australia’s most respected practitioners with over 30 years of experience to share. Learning from a number of masters over this time, he developed his signature style Purna Yoga after practising both the Iyengar method and Ashtanga.

Sophie Sofree, a collector of ethnic rhythms, tribal vibes, downtempo BPMs and soul healing elements. She is the resident DJ for ecstatic dance at Bali’s Yoga Barn. Her Kundalini Yoga classes are active meditations focused on raising and transforming energy.They weave movement, mantra, dance, pranayam, mudra and drishti alongside uplifting soul-shaking playlists.

Sacred Earth’s Jethro & Prem have been traveling the world for 12 years performing live music. Undoubtedly Australia’s highest selling artists in the ambient music genre, they have sold over a quarter of a million records. If you have ever had a massage, it is more than likely their music has been your nourishing soundtrack. Prem shares with us her heartfelt devotion for Spirit and our precious Mother Earth through mantra and songs from the heart.

Jemma Gawned (Jemmita) has trained extensively with some of the best maestros of the lineage she has been adopted into in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Having come from a diverse background in Australian television and fashion, to raw food entrepreneur, Jemma now leads groups of people from around the world to the Andes to work alongside her teachers in the shamanic practices and plant medicines of the mountains. Jemma also works with the Medicine of Cacao at festivals and events globally. This has given her the honour and opportunity to bring large groups of people together in ceremony, connection and in celebration as a modern day Medicine Woman.

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