Belinda Grace

"You Are Abundant: Why You Are Enough The Way You Are"

(Rockpool Publishing)

By Rosamund Burton

After the first few pages of this book I realised it was an invaluable message for this time. In the often frantic fast-paced world of today so many of us are dogged by self criticism and self doubt, and You are Abundant not only provides guidance on how to feel loveable, deserving and worthy, but also really clarifies the benefits to ourselves, those around us and the planet as a whole when we are kind to ourselves.

Drawing on angelic guidance, BelindaGrace provides practical insights on how to truly appreciate that each and every one of us is enough exactly as we are now. This is not to condone destructive or abusive behaviour, but rather to understand that we are each on a unique journey.

Many of the chapters also include short exercises. There is one for reparenting yourself, and for anyone wanting to be a parent an exercise called “Invitation to a Child”. One exercise I found very useful is “Moving Forward from the Threshold”, which is a great one to do when you are at a time in your life in which nothing seems to work out, and you are not able to move forward. It is about letting go and allowing the Universe to work its magic.

The chapter I really found illuminating is “The Return of the Divine Empowered Feminine”. This looks at both the masculine and feminine energies within us all. It discusses the Distorted Masculine, a desire to control everything and living through fear, and the Distorted Feminine characterised by negative emotions, neediness and a sense of powerlessness. Living with these, the angels say, is one of the greatest causes of depression. As BelindaGrace reminds the reader, we all have both feminine and masculine energy and once you have reintegrated the Divine Empowered Feminine, the life giving energy that provides the fertile soil for all our creations, the Divine Empowered Masculine, characterised by it leadership qualities, decision making, and more direct approach to getting things done, will automatically follow.

Another chapter that particularly resonated for me is the one of self acceptance and forgiveness, which includes a simple but powerful exercise to dissolve all the guilt and self blame stored in your cells and energy field.

This book is a gem. It’s accessible and easy to read, but provides so many powerful tools to release feelings and beliefs that do not serve our true purpose, and brings us into a state of true abundance.

Rosamund Burton

Sydney based writer Rosamund Burton is the author of Castles, Follies and Four Leaf Clovers