Carmel Bell

"When All Else Fails"


By Nicola Silva

Not many people can claim to have visited the borders of death and live to tell the tale in fascinating detail. Carmel Bell has - on three occasions. Of all the stories of healing I've read over the years, hers is one of the most extraordinary.

There is now a large body of evidence into near death experiences, collected and analysed by respected researchers like the late Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross that validate this fascinating phenomenon. Carmel was four years old when she somehow set herself on fire and died, albeit briefly. She travelled down the tunnel, familiar to so many near death experiences and towards a glowing light. At the gates of heaven, Jesus and an archangel named Metatron gave Carmel a healing gift, Metratonic Energy, which she later used to heal her burned body and damaged kidneys.

A rationalist would find it easy to dismiss this incident as a child's imagination. It is harder to account for Carmel 's 25 year career as a medical intuitive, using Metratonic energy on cancer, tumours, depression and other major illnesses with great success.

It's virtually impossible to explain away Carmel's near death experience on the night of 15 February 2009 when she had a cardiac arrest, "died" for 47 minutes and suffered severe brain damage. She was placed in a coma for four days and then spent six weeks in intensive care. The medical prognosis was she would be dependent on care all her life. Of course, the doctors did not take into account Carmel's indefatigable spirit - or her access to Metatronic Energy. Carmel is today a walking, talking medical miracle. Never was there such a case of "physician, heal thyself".

Ultimately, Carmel's story is one of hope because it shows the way to a realm of infinite possibilities for healing and recovery. She became a medical intuitive before it was fashionable; among her clients are medical practitioners who refer their patients to her. Carmel describes herself as a cartographer, reading the map of her client's bodies.

"Your story is written in every cell of your being. Every moment matters because everything you hear, think, feel, eat, read, see and do will be recorded somewhere in your body."

Under a facade of normalcy, many people hide sorrow, anger, disappointment and other corrosive emotions that don't show up on medical tests. So, in one sense, our medical professionals don't have the full story.

Carmel's abilities allow her see into the core of the illness and it's often not what's expected. She says, "Simply put, very few people are true to themselves. Their battle between their heart and what is expected of them, by themselves and by others, becomes overwhelming. They come to see me when all else has failed."

One of the touching case studies in the book involves a desperately ill woman named Carla, a mother and wife who had lived her life for her family. Carmel uncovered Carla's deep-seated feelings of disempowerment and being trapped in a life of service to others. Carla received Metronic Energy and made the necessary changes in her life, (she also continued with radiation therapy). About a year later, Carla was free from cancer and she was living a happier life.

Another medical intuitive Caroline Myss has coined the word "woundology" where people cling to their trauma and wounds; it invariably costs them their health. Metatronic energy can apparently repair and balance the body and remove toxins, including the story of the wounds, but ultimately the individual has to make a different choice. Carmel writes, "Do not cling to your pain. Let it go. Forgive yourself." Wise words.

Nicola Silva

Nicola Silva is a journalist and writer based in Sydney