Justin Nozuka


(Glassnote); Singer/songwriter

By ​Phil ​Bennett

This is Canadian singer/songwriter, Justin Nozuka’s third album and, on it, his gift for intimacy is fully unwrapped.

It is an album of spaces, of silences between the words, of pauses and subtle grace, and of such quiet beauty that it makes you catch your breath.

The dreamy soundscapes are like shadows and memories - there but not there - and Nozuka’s mellow vocal delivery perfectly matches the hazy, atmospheric backdrop.

He has a lovely timbre in his voice and his close mic technique is so next to your ear and gentle, it’s as if he’s nursing the words as he sings them.

Ulysees really is a beautiful recording.

The titles fit the mood - Dreaming, Blue Velvet Sea, Lull - and the words themselves are less important than the all pervading introspective atmosphere.

Fully self produced, Nozuka had his eye firmly on the prize when making this - it would have been so easy to fill in the gaps with broad brushstrokes and ear-catching fiddly bits - and the aura he’s created is absolutely spellbinding.

A very difficult album to actually turn off.

​Phil ​Bennett

Musician, actor, singer, music reviewer, Phil’s interests cover a lot of bases and this is reflected in the music he writes about. From blues to soul, ambient to electronic, Phil writes about artists he feels are interesting, true to their craft and worthy of your ears.