Rhonda Byrne

"The Power"

( Simon & Schuster Australia)

By Rosamund Burton

The Secret was translated into 46 languages and became a global bestseller selling millions of copies worldwide. So I expected Rhonda Byrne's second book to be heralded with a great fanfare. But instead it has arrived very quietly, finding prominence in small new age outlets, rather than blazing its way into bookshops with huge window displays and massive amounts of publicity.

It was word of mouth that made The Secret so phenomenally successful, and it took about six months, so perhaps it is just a question of time before The Power is on everybody's lips.

Rhonda Byrne says in the Foreword: "The Secret reveals the law of attraction - the most powerful law that governs our lives. The Power contains the essence of everything I have learned since The Secret was released in 2006."

One of the comments many people made about The Secret was that it explained the law of attraction, but it contained very little information about how to use it effectively. The Power is certainly not a "how to" book, and is written in the same style of The Secret, but it does give many more practical guidelines for magnetising what you want and living a life of health, wealth and happiness.

Like its predecessor it is a beautiful hardback book. But rather than that old style looking paper and symbols, it is much more colourful, interspersed with full page orange and yellow illustrations, and brightly coloured painted sketches on many of the pages. Similar to The Secret it feels like a precious gift.

The first chapter, 'What is the Power?' explains that love is the force that creates in our lives. The reason many of our lives are not all we would like them to be is because we always have a choice and often we choose to focus on the negative, rather than on love.

The message is not new. At times, it reminds me of some of the writings of Esther and Gerry Hicks, particularly The Law of Attraction, but it is another reminder that each one of us is a co-creator of his or her reality. It made me aware of instances where I often, almost subconsciously, assumed a negative, rather than a positive, outlook. But I also realised how much of this information I have assimilated and am practising every day.

The book is interspersed with insightful quotes from famous figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and the Buddha. The early chapters of the book are general and then followed by more specific information on money, relationships, and also health, and each chapter concludes with Points of Power - a synopsis in point form of the chapter.

The Power also stresses the importance of gratitude and appreciation and explains that the commandment, "Love your neighbour as yourself" is actually the secret to life, because whatever you give to others, whether its encouragement, support, kindness or gratitude, comes back to you.

This is an inspirational little book, and a beautiful reminder of the power and importance of love.

Rosamund Burton

Sydney based writer Rosamund Burton is the author of Castles, Follies and Four Leaf Clovers