Mitchell Coombes

"Sensing Spirit"

(Simon & Schuster)

By Fotini Dangiris

Life beyond the physical world has always had that element of scepticism and fear of the unknown following death. Dubbed Australia's "most trusted psychic", Coombes does his best to dispel any doubts in his new release Sensing Spirit. In this candid, yet informative offering, Coombes imparts his story of being a gifted psychic able to communicate with loved ones who have passed.

Coombes explains various other signs of life from the spirit world in the form of psychic hearing, symbols or certain objects, and feelings. He considers these as important messages deceased ones want to pass on through him to loved ones still living on earth. How can these signs assist loved ones left behind?

Ever the true helper, Coombes advises that consulting symbolism reference material can help with a personal interpretation of a symbol's or object's meaning and its relevance to one's current life situation. What's impressive about Sensing Spirit is that it's a book, which gives more to the reader than just the recounting of a gifted psychic's life and his abilities.

Yes, Coombes tells of his psychic beginnings at aged three, and yes, his open minded mother and psychic grandmother recognised the family psychic trait in their little boy. By the time Coombes was 12, his grandmother was teaching him how to read tarot cards. Fascinated and compelled to learn more, his abilities grew and grew. Coombes' nurturing of his gift led him to a prolific media profile as a psychic consultant to many celebrities.

Coombes expresses a deep gratitude for his gift and throughout Sensing Spirit, stories of his client consultations and his own experiences with the spirit world help him convey the link between the spiritual and physical worlds and how that may affect our life on earth. He finds it personally rewarding to be able to offer those clients grieving for loved ones who have passed the gift of such spiritual connection.

In addition, Coombes discusses different types of spiritual assistance available to us: angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, spiritual helpers, and master guides. He encourages us to develop our spiritual senses to complement our physical ones. He suggests spiritual "tools" we can use to cultivate our spiritual senses. He recommends making precious time for meditation, automatic drawing or writing, for example, to open our connection to Spirit.

In other words, our answers are within us if we open up ourselves to Spirit. This also promotes a great spiritual practice of helping ourselves. We attend to the balancing of our lives, taking time out of our daily physical grind and focusing within.

Perhaps this is Coombes' golden message. Open up to Spirit to gain balance within.

Also important is harnessing the power of our minds to turn "negative toxic energy" into positive energy to strengthen our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Doing so will instil an invaluable ability to combat any adversity we may encounter. If we take anything from Sensing Spirit, it's acknowledging that our spiritual senses are significantly connected to our physical life experiences.

Fotini Dangiris

Fotini Dangiris is a Melbourne based reviewer and writer