Nicky Bomba

"Planet Juice"

(MGM); Reggae

By ​Phil ​Bennett

Lovers of reggae are well aware that the key lies in the groove, not in virtuosity.

Which is one reason this album works and at the same time it comes as quite a surprise, because Bomba plays all the instruments, as well as singing and writing the songs.

Unsurprising, because he's not a virtuoso, and surprising because the music sounds like a rock steady crew delivering the goods all together under one roof.

His strength is his drumming, all off beat crashes and excitingly unpredictable fills, but everything else fits in perfectly - the bass lopes like a rumbling monitor lizard on a hot afternoon, while the guitar chops like waves on a windy ocean.

The songs themselves are strewn with fairly typical reggae language, savouring the delights of relaxing and imbibing, and the choruses are nigglingly catchy things that lock on to your ears and don't let go, leaving the listener with an appetite for more.

It's all light, bright and breezy and thoroughly enjoyable indeed.

Relaxed, undemonstrative music making up a particularly impressive standard.

Highly pleasurable.

​Phil ​Bennett

Musician, actor, singer, music reviewer, Phil’s interests cover a lot of bases and this is reflected in the music he writes about. From blues to soul, ambient to electronic, Phil writes about artists he feels are interesting, true to their craft and worthy of your ears.